Regular Antifoul Maintenance is Crucial.
Antifouling is the process of applying a special protective paint to the bottom of your boat, to protect your vessel from Marine Growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Antifouling

Antifouling your vessel keeps your hull smooth and clean preventing the build-up of Marine Organisms such as barnacles, algae and marine habitats.

Antifoul Applications not only keeps the hull clean, but it improves fuel efficiency and prevents the spread of non-native species.

What Happens If You Don’t Antifoul Your Vessel?

By not antifouling on a regular basis, your vessel will suffer.  The layer of slime can develop and lead to marine growth, this can increase fuel consumption, affect your top speed, make your vessel difficult to maneuver, and overall degrade the exterior and aesthetic of your vessel.

How Often Should You Antifoul?

How often you should antifoul your vessel depends on several factors, such as location and usage.
To ensure that your vessel is well looked after, it is recommended that you book in for an antifoul yearly or a maximum of 15months.

What Are The Different Types Of Antifoul Paint And What Would Suit My Vessel?

Hard antifouls are mainly used on your higher speed vessels, where performance is key, as well as moorings due to its durability.

Soft antifouls known as self-polishing coatings are specifically designed to erode more regularly, this ensures that an active layer of biocide remains on the vessels surface.
This erosion guarantees a consistent performance across the season, while also preventing a long term build up.

Copper based antifouls are environmentally friendly.
Coppercoat, and other copper based antifoul paints, include copper particles that are suspended in the epoxy coating. The price reflects the longevity of the antifoul and can last up to 10years.  After this timeframe the cooper becomes dull and will require the coating to be scrubbed back to its original, shiner appearance.

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