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Welcome to Complete Antifoul Systems

Mahn the cofounder and director of CAS has been at it since 15 years old, so with over 23 years experience behind him he is known and has been labelled as a reputable Applicator specialist.

23 Years of Experience

CAS - Complete Antifoul Systems are the leading specialists in Antifoul Applications.

Experience Team

Mahn and the team at CAS pride themselves in Customer relations, time management and professionalism.

What we offer

Complete Antifouling Systems

Complete Antifoul Systems specialises in marine coatings, offering advanced solutions for boat hull maintenance and protection.

Fast Service

Complete Antifoul Systems offers swift, efficient services, ensuring your vessel's optimal performance and longevity

Quality Services

Complete Antifoul Systems delivers exceptional, high-quality services ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Our Support

Complete Antifoul Systems prioritizes excellent customer service, ensuring personalized solutions and a seamless service experience.

Why Choose Us

Best price and services on the Gold Coast

We appreciate that you might be working within a specific budget for antifouling your boat. We are committed to providing a tailored solution, ensuring that our price for your boat's antifoul painting aligns with your financial expectations.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the most
competitive price on the
Gold Coast.

Our Reputation

We have been labelled as a reputable Applicator specialist.

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